Indonesia is a country located in tropical regions and is surrounded by ocean. Located in tropical regions making Indonesia the best-known as a producer of spices throughout asia and the ocean that surrounds it makes Indonesia one of the famous tourist destination in the international maritime countries.

Bali is one of several marine tourism destination which is well known by many foreign countries, and bring it into the top 5 ranking tourist destination of the world. The uniqueness of the local culture, tropical climate, as well as the rapid development of air transport services more attractive and competitive, makes deep interest to visitors spend their holiday in Bali.

Most of the visitors are tourist who want to experience Bali nature, cultures, and the uniqueness of Bali. Many visitors also aimed to make a business trip, mice, or create a personal event such as weddings, birthdays / anniversaries, reunions, and so on.

Based on the opportunities above, a young Balinese man established hospitality services through a company PT Bali Individual Wisata trade as "Bali Individual" in this website which is providing 6 major tourism business. They are Bali Villa Reservation, Bali Hotel Reservation, Bali Tour Organizer, Bali Transport Services, Bali Villa Marketing & Management, and Spiritual in Bali.

Bali Villa Reservation

 Bali Hotel Reservation

Through Bali Villa Reservation we provide best collection of bali villa holiday rental to help and understand you in every single thing you need, to provide an extensive portfolio that suits you as well as providing any information that you may need to complete your holiday in Bali with a friendship services.
There are myriad of accommodation to choose in Bali, from five-stars luxury hotels to concrete stabs for just a few dollars a night. We are here to help you offering the best hotel collection suit to your requirements as well as tailor your holiday plan in a tour packages.

Bali Tour Organizer

 Bali Transport Services

We provide a wide range of tour activities in Bali that is compiled in such arrangement and offered to you to you to give the wide opportunity, impressive empirically, and memorable. Our service including leisure, tour packages inclusive accommodation, mice, sports and tour activities.
This division offers the quality of friendly services for all occasion in Paradise Island such as: Car Rental, Car Charter (chaufeur), Bus Charter, Luxury Vehicles, Wedding Cars, Airport Transfers to Sight Seeing Tours and Airport Fast Track (VVIP Services).

Villa Marketing & Management

 Bali Yoga & Healing Therapy

We provide fine selection of Bali Villa Rental at the same time providing Bali Villa Marketing and Bali Villa Management Services to the villa owners as we strive to make your villa a profitable investment. We offer more than just great deals as we understand your needs and are more than willing to realize your dream...      
This journey is designed with a holistic approach to tune in the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, allowing an organic healing process to naturally unfold. The spiritual journey includes a selection or a combination of Alam Yoga, Chakra Meditation, Hypnotherapy Healing, and a Sacred Purification Ritual..

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